Why More Men Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal

You may have thought that laser hair removal was just for women, but there are lots of reasons that men are racing to schedule their own session! Men who have a lot of body hair can be self-conscious, and may even think twice about going shirtless, even at the pool. Other men involved in competitive sports also benefit from long term hair removal. Regardless of your reasons, you can count on the game changing results from laser hair removal at Midwest Dermatology – Papillion.

GentleMax Pro Is the Real Deal

 All of us at Midwest Dermatology are probably more than a normal amount of excited to tell you about the new GentleMax Pro from Candela.

The GentleMax Pro lives up to its name and it removes hair from any area on your body where unwanted hair grows, in a gentle, pain-free fashion.

And here’s the really good news: In a mere THREE treatments you’ll see an 80% reduction in hair that grows back. Bump that up to a series of seven to nine treatments and you can expect to see 95% of your hair gone for good!

The 411 on Hair Removal

Here’s the key piece of info you (really) need to know about GentlePro laser hair removal. It’s effective for all skin and hair types.* Period. That’s a big improvement over older hair removal systems.

Men looking for hair removal have different needs than women.  And it starts with the location of that unwanted hair.  Here are the most common areas for laser hair removal for men:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abs
  • Neck and face
  • Arms and Legs

So Why Choose Us? 

It’s no secret there are other hair removal “stores” out there and some of them offer “Membership” deals that look attractive. But the case for choosing Midwest Dermatology for this treatment is crystal clear. You’ll receive:

  • Specialized care and supervision from your trusted physician and experienced nurses.
  • Comfortable, quick and professional service in our office conveniently located just off Highway 370 in Papillion.
  • Free consultation to help you learn if laser hair removal is right for you.
  • Treatment with the GentleMax Pro laser from Candela. It’s gentle, fast and offers permanent results for all body areas and skin types.
  • Long-lasting results immediately, and 80% permanent hair removal in as little as three treatments.

So, chuck that razor and free yourself from shaving! Call us today at 402-933-0800 about the new hair removal laser treatment available at Midwest Dermatology.

*Laser hair removal cannot be done if you are pregnant, nursing or have a pacemaker.  Laser hair removal is not effective if your hair is grey, white or light blonde.

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