Skin Tags

Skin tags are just that – small tags or flaps of tissue that protrude and hang off the skin’s surface. They may look like loose moles, and are often seen on the neck, chest, back, armpit and under breasts.

Skin tags affect women more often than men, and the likelihood of them occurring increases with age and weight gain. Fortunately, skin tags are harmless, and pose no health risk.

They can be irritating though, and can bleed and become inflamed or painful if:

  • They rub on clothing
  • They catch on jewelry
  • They become itchy and are scratched

Skin Tag Treatment

Midwest Dermatology treats skin tags by removing them, if necessary. Depending upon the location and the size of the skin tag, your dermatologist will use one of the following methods:
  • Excision, in which the tag is cut off with a scalpel or small scissors.
  • Cryosurgery, where the tag is frozen and then removed.
  • Electrodessication, a procedure that uses a low electric current to burn and remove the skin tag.

Even though skin tags are harmless, they should only be removed in the office of your dermatologist. This will prevent excessive bleeding and scarring. The removal of skin tags is generally considered a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance carriers.  Skin tags are considered a non-covered procedure by insurance companies and are not paid for under benefit plans.  Out of pocket pre-payment is required for treatment. 

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