If you are starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles, large pores or uneven skin tone, let’s get right to the point: you have to restore collagen to your skin.

Collagen is the skin’s building block that keeps skin looking smooth, fresh and firm.

Midwest Dermatology now offers collagen induction therapy, a minimally invasive procedure commonly known as microneedling.  What does it do?  Microneedling uses your skin’s own natural healing process to develop new collagen. Microneedling works to:

  • Reverse signs of aging – reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles caused by sun damage.
  • Prevent signs of aging from occurring in the first place
  • Even out skin pigmentation and reduced the appearance of sun spots
  • Help pores look smaller by plumping skin in and around them
  • Tighten loose and aging skin
  • Enhance skin products by increasing absorption

And, microneedling is safe for every skin type and skin color.  Anyone, of any ethnicity, can benefit from the procedure.  The results are incredibly long-lasting as the treatment stimulates collagen production for up to 300 days.

The Facts about Microneedling

Microneedling is a safe, easy and comfortable procedure done in the office.

A session only takes about 30 minutes (longer if enhanced with PRP) and is done using an FDA-approved tool called the SkinPen. Super-fine needles slightly penetrate the skins’ surface, creating “micro” injuries that trigger the body’s wound healing process. As the skin’s repair process kicks in, it spurs new cell growth, increased collagen and elastin production. The treated area of the skin bounces back quickly and you will be left with a complexion that is fresh, glowing and truly rejuvenated.

During the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the skin. After, the effect is similar to having a mild to moderate sunburn. That means you can go back to your regularly scheduled life with little downtime.

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PRP Enhanced Microneedling

Combining microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum can enhance the anti-aging effects.  Pinpricks created using the SkinPen open the skin and allow the growth factors and proteins found in PRP to penetrate into the cellular level of the skin faster and more efficiently.  PRP – platelet rich serum from your body’s own blood – is being used in many areas of medicine to regenerate tissue.  Check with your Midwest Dermatology physician to see if it is right for you.

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