Tis the Season….For Laser Skin Rejuvenation

We love seriously luminous skin year round, but when it comes to fractional laser skin resurfacing, fall and winter are the right time to get started. Why?  As usual in dermatology, the sun is the culprit!   But we’re all about the good news so let’s talk a little about the lasers first.

FX Laser Offers Two Treatments in One

Active FX and Deep FX are two related technologies that represent the very latest advancement in “fractional” laser treatment.  They form a dual approach to best treating some of the most confidence – busting signs of aging:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loose or saggy skin
  • Leathery, sun damaged skin
  • Uneven pigment and discoloration
  • Sun damage and pre-cancer

Fractional laser that leaves your skin healthy and smooth actually only treats a “fraction” of the skin.  Instead of a full beam of laser light that can damage the skin, FX laser is delivered in thousands of tiny laser light pulses.  With surrounding tissue left intact, skin cells actually bridge across to other tissue, creating healthy, new skin. The result is skin that is smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking.

The FX Choice

At Midwest Dermatology, your skin will be evaluated by an experienced dermatologist.  After determining together what results you want to achieve, your dermatologist will recommend one, or perhaps a combination  of the two that we call TOTAL FX.

Active FX is perfect for active people who want to help with medium-deep wrinkles, or age spots on the face, neck and chest.  With Active FX, more skin is treated, but the laser energy is targeted so it doesn’t go very deep.

Deep FX, just like the name says, goes deeper to treat deeper wrinkles and sun damage.  Less skin surface is actually treated, but the laser penetrates further to create a positive thermal response in the skin.

With both treatments, you can expect to get great results.  FX laser treatment is available at the Midwest Dermatology Midtown office.

Fraxel Resurfacing Fractional Laser – Beautiful Results with Less Down Time

Much like FX laser, Fraxel Resurfacing Fractional Laser is a popular and effective anti-aging treatment. This specialized technology has become a secret weapon against aging, helping improve skin texture and treating imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation irregularities.

Fraxel lasers emit thousands of micro-beams that deeply penetrate the skin’s surface. These precise points of light activate the skin’s natural healing response, prompting cells to produce more collagen and create fresh, healthy skin.

Fraxel Laser treatment is available with Dr. Melissa Darling at the Midwest Dermatology Oakview office

The beauty of all fractional lasers is that results will progressively improve over the course of 4 to 6 months as your skin continues to heal.

The Reason For The Season

Laser treated skin is more sensitive than normal skin, and this increase in sensitivity lasts up to three months after a procedure. This means after any laser you are at higher risk for sunburns, the return and worsening of sun spots, and a higher intensity of the UV damage. As a result, a 3-month sun hiatus is required after any laser treatment.  This is much more easily done during the fall and winter months when the weather is bad, the sun is further away and often hidden behind clouds, and you’re less likely to be outdoors.

Don’t wait to schedule your consult for laser surgery.  Call us at (402) 933-0800 to schedule an appointment today.

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