Tan Lines From Your Mask? Awkward!

Unwanted tan lines on your face due to a viral pandemic? We know, it sounds like an episode of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, but if you’re following our lead and keeping your face mask on while out in public, the sun exposure adds up.

And, right now, during the 2020 pandemic, such is life. Mask lines have become the new tan lines.

The best way to tackle this unexpected skin problem and the other skin problems caused by COVID-19?

Simple, turn to Midwest Dermatology for specialized EltaMD sunscreens with ingredients you can feel good about. What’s to love? How about all the “free” stuff? These products are all paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free and gluten-free! Some products are oil-free to keep certain types of skin from breaking out.

EltaMD UV ClearJust like the name says, this one is made to keep your face free and clear from blemishes. It is particularly lightweight and perfectly suited for use with a face mask or covering.  Just like all of the EltaMD sunscreens, UV Clear is mineral-based, providing a natural barrier from the sun.  UV Clear is oil-free and non-comedogenic, too, making it well-suited for acne-prone skin. For a sun-kissed look, try the tinted formula.

EltaMD UV Physical – This broad-spectrum sunscreen is an in-house favorite here at Midwest Derm. We like it because it’s perfect for use with a face mask and it’s also chemical-free. The water-resistant formula stays put, giving you confidence that your face is protected even when you sweat a little. It’s oil-free, to boot, with a light opaque tint that looks naturally beautiful. If you have sensitive skin, UV Physical gets our recommendation!

EltaMD UV DailyAttention dry skin sufferers, your delicate facial skin may be taking a hit if you are washing around your face and mouth more frequently. If that’s the case, check out EltaMD UV Daily. It’s a sheer facial sunscreen that does double duty. It provides serious UV protection thanks to transparent zinc oxide, and at the same time, delivers superior skin hydration.

Elta MD UV PureUV Pure is a great option for your kiddos! It’s 100% chemical-free with just two highly effective ingredients that courtesy of Mother Nature – zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Moms – and dermatologists — like it because they know kids will stay safe in this long-lasting, water-resistant formula. And kids like it because it’s oil-free and lightweight with no “icky smell.” It’s what we call a win-win!

Elta MD UV SportThis sunscreen is specially formulated for outdoor activity and recommended for use on the face and body. Joggers, bikers and all-around outdoor enthusiasts rave about UV Sport’s lasting protection. And like all EltaMD products, this super sunscreen won’t run in your eyes. So, you can sweat up a storm without any stinging!



Using quality brand sunscreens like EltaMD products not only keeps you from having silly tan lines on your face – it also helps protects you from skin cancer.

The fact is, skin cancer is most often found on the face. So, by protecting the delicate skin found on your forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth now – today – you’re actually preventing the likelihood of skin cancer and the surgery needed to remove it later in life. (Here’s a tip from MWD: don’t forget to protect your ears! They can stick out in the sun a little more with these darn face masks!).

Important fact #2 — sun damage causes 90% of wrinkles and other skin damage associated with aging. It’s our hope that if we can’t get your attention with the first fact on skin cancer, maybe this one will inspire you to make sunscreen a regular element in your daily skin care regimen.

If you are in the Midwest Dermatology office soon, grab some sunscreen on your way in or out! If social distancing is your norm these days, select the sunscreen that fits your lifestyle on our website and we’ll mail your order right to your front door.

Either way, MWD has you covered with quality sunscreen that will help you cover up wherever you go this summer.



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