Summer Skin Survival Kit

Attention summer warriors, the heat is on and your skin knows it. Although you may be enjoying some time in the great outdoors, that increased sun exposure and, uh, let’s just call it flourishing plant life can leave you prone to breakouts and itchy skin flare-ups.

Good news for you, Midwest Dermatology has your skin’s back, not to mention a step-by-step action plan for healthy summer skin.

Step 1: Spot sun allergies

You can do this by being attuned to itchy rashes that develop after being out in the sun. Midwest Dermatology skin experts (physicians who are dermatologists, by the way), will examine you, diagnose the cause and work with you to find treatment that works. There are RX drugs that offer relief – both oral antihistamines and topical steroid creams will soothe itching and control symptoms. Our team will also advise you on how to prevent future reactions.

Step 2: Bust the myth about sun and acne

Here’s the dermatologic bottom line – the sun causes skin damage, and that damage leads to skin irritation, and that, my friends, is what can result in more acne! And, when you add a little sweat and a little dirt – hey, it’s summer, after all – you’ve got the perfect recipe for breakouts on the face and back. The answer is really so simple. Stick to your Midwest Dermatology prescribed skin regimen specially designed to help you care for your skin and its particular challenges. Also, if you’re taking Accutane for moderate or severe acne, you’re at a higher risk of sunburn – ouch! So avoid sun during peak hours, wear sunscreen and sun-protective clothing and just generally be careful…please!

Step 3: Watch out for creepy crawlies and outdoor hazards

Nature is a tricky playground. If your summertime fun includes hiking in treed areas, know the risk. Ticks are typically harmless, but the Nebraska State Health Department recently announced the siting of deer ticks in eastern Nebraska. Deer ticks are the tiny buggers that carry the bacteria leading to Lyme Disease, a treatable disease if it’s caught early, but which can cause severe symptoms when undiagnosed. Poison Ivy is another summer nemesis. To protect yourself, take these precautions when you’re on a nature walk:

  • Avoid tall grass and shrubs
  • Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts in light colors
  • Wear shoes, not sandals, that cover feet entirely
  • Tuck pant legs into socks and shirts into pants
  • Apply an approved repellent – the same ones used for mosquitoes – to keep ticks at bay
  • Remember the saying “Leaves of Three, Leave it Be!” Poison ivy is found in the woods, along fence lines and along stream banks and causes severe itching and blistering.  Your best defense is to stay far away.

Do you have a rash after a tick siting? Were you exposed to poison ivy without knowing it? Come on in to Midwest Dermatology and our docs can help get you on the road to recovery.

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