Stop Popping Pimples and Get Clearer Skin

Okay, is there a person alive who doesn’t want clear, beautiful, healthy skin? Now, that we’ve settled that, let’s talk about how we get to that dermatological nirvana.

The answer is simple and hard at the same time: make an appointment at Midwest Dermatology today. It’s simple because it just involves dialing a few digits or clicking the online appointment to find a time and put it on your calendar. It’s difficult, we know, because taking a step to a better you can be sort of a big deal, especially if you don’t know what’s involved or what to expect.

Midwest Dermatology is here to help, and we really mean that. Our board-certified dermatologists know more than a thing or two about acne and have the tools, prescriptions, home regimens and more you need to banish blemishes for good.

More than just having “all the things” our docs can give you the real “dos” and “don’ts” – so you know what cleansing practices work, which so-called moisturizers aren’t worth their hefty price tags, and what skin protection and cosmetic products can live in harmony with your acne treatment. Their expertise, earned over decades of successfully solving acne issues for thousands of patients, is priceless.

Even if you’re dealing with stare-worthy pimples (what doctors are apt to call cystic lesions), Midwest Dermatology can help. The answer is intralesional cortisone treatment and while it’s a little bit complicated to explain here, we guarantee it’s a beautiful thing when it comes to effectively treating severe cases of acne.

So…just stop popping and instead start taking action that’s good for you. Make an appointment to have your acne examined and treated today at a Midwest Dermatology location near you.

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