What to Expect at Your Skin Care Consult With Kimberly

Have you struggled to find the perfect skin care routine? Or are you confused by all the options? It may be time to book a skin care consult with our Licensed Aesthetician, Kimberly Niebur.

 What to Expect:

Product and treatment recommendations that actually work for you. Your consult will begin with a history of your past skin care regimen and a discussion about your current skin care products. Kimberly will go one step further, too, and examine your skin close up to assess its overall health and determine where help might be needed. You can be confident that you will receive medically sound and individualized aesthetic care.

 What to Prepare:

Almost nothing! All that we ask is that you bring a list of your current skin care products or pack them in a bag and bring them with you. Kimberly will look over the ingredients in these products and see what is working and what might be lacking.

Pro tip — don’t be afraid to ask questions during your consult session. Kimberly knows the ins and outs of skin care products and services, and is always willing to share her knowledge. She will be happy to help you understand the ingredients, regimens, boosters, and treatments available to you.

 What to Enjoy: This is where it gets good!

You’ll leave with a handy reference sheet detailing a skin care plan designed just for you. Kimberly will make your customized treatment plan complete with product recommendations and show you how to use the products, as well.

You can maximize your consult session by scheduling a Consult and Treat. This provides you with a full consult, plus a treatment of your choice, based on Kimberly’s recommendation. Possible treatments include hydrafacials, custom facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, extraction and deep pore cleanses, and skin pen microneedling.

ALL skin care consults are free when you buy a product or enjoy an aesthetic service.

At Midwest DERMaesthetics, our philosophy is that “healthy skin is the best skin.” Get started on yours today by scheduling an appointment on line or calling 402-933-0800.

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