What Is The Best Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin?

Start With A Moisture Reading NOW Available at Midwest DERMaesthetics

Feeling pretty good about your skin care routine?  That’s great!  The fact that you are taking good care of your skin is the perfect starting point.  A fun way to see how things are going is a moisture reading, now available with your appointment at Midwest DERMaesthetics,  our corrective skin care med spa inside Midwest Dermatology Lakeside. Analyze your skin’s moisture levels and let’s see if you need to add to (or subtract from) your routine.

Generally, moisturizer choice is guided by the dryness found in an individual’s skin, plus important factors like genetics and lifestyle.  What works best for one person will not necessarily work as well for another.  So it is important to consult with a skin care expert like Kimberly Niebur, L.A., resident aesthetician at Midwest Dermatology.  Patients start off with a consultation appointment, which can also include a treatment to address the patient’s skin care goals.  Using our new Bio-Therapeutic bt-analyze Skin Moisture Analyzer, Kim can start by looking at your skin’s current moisture content.

Ready, Set, Know!

Your bt-analyze reading is ready in seconds.  Kimberly will gently press the tip into the skin to calculate the current moisture level.  Readings are displayed and can be tracked at each appointment.  This tool allows you to be an active participant in understanding your skin’s function and the need for specific products and services to meet your goals.

Hydrated, Glowing Skin Year-Round

We’ve already scored some surprising results with our new measuring tool.  And whether you are young or old, acne prone or maturing (we refer to this as getting wiser!),  your skin needs moisture.  With Midwest weather changing constantly,  we want you to have a good regimen year-round.  Seasonal consults are available with Kim to adjust your home care routine.   For instance, we all know what an important role sunscreen plays in preventing both skin cancer and aging.  With multiple sunscreens in our arsenal, Kimberly may recommend a water-resistant product with higher SPF in the summer, while switching some patients to a “double duty” sunscreen in the winter, like the kind that contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

You Need An Expert

With all the skin care products flooding the market, the best place for professional advice is your trusted team at Midwest Dermatology.   Kimberly Niebur is a licensed, experienced dermatology aesthetician who has trained under our board certified dermatologists. It is a fact that most of the skin conditions treated by Midwest Dermatology physicians go hand and hand with daily skin care. We want you to get the best results from treatment by scheduling your appointment with Kimberly for a consultation.


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