Eyeing Longer Lashes? Add GrandeLASH-MD to Your Daily Routine.

Worried about short or thinning lashes? Don’t bat an eye one second longer because GrandeLASH-MD lash serum is now part of the Midwest DERMaesthetics’ physician-approved product lineup.

Lash-boosting serum is the modern, easy-to-use solution that’s making a big impact on appearances everywhere. And GrandeLASH-MD is the best of the best. Not only is it less costly than lash extensions, it’s less irritating to the eye area than Latisse.

Plus, GrandeLASH-MD restores the natural beauty of your lashes and maintains dramatically improved lash volume. In just four to six weeks, you’ll see results. By week 12, 97% of GrandeLASH-MD users report a noticeable difference in their lash appearance.

It’s All About the Ingredients

GrandeLASH-MD is formulized with safe and healthy ingredients and infused with antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids including:

  • Peptides, which are used to build up weak lashes. These products, including naturally-derived, as well as chemical ingredients, work together to strengthen and lengthen lashes while repairing brittle lashes.
  • L-Proline, an amino acid essential to healthy, fortified lashes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, that conditions and protects to prevent breakage and brings hydration to dry, brittle, or damaged lashes.
  • Botanical Extract Blend, a powerful combination of nutrient and antioxidant-rich compounds derived from natural sources (ginseng root, chamomile flowers and bearberry leaves) that strengthens the lash follicle.
  • Glycosaminoglycans, to lock in moisture and boosts lash resiliency and luster.

GrandeLASH-MD is vegan and safe for sensitive eyes. It’s approved for use with contact lenses. Or go ahead and use it with eyeglasses – but be prepared to deal with your lashes brushing against the glass!

Applied in the Blink of an Eye

 Using GrandeLASH-MD couldn’t be any easier. Before bedtime, gently cleanse and dry your face and then apply GrandeLASH-MD using a single stroke on your eyelid, just above your upper lash line like a liquid eyeliner. Allow one to two minutes for the serum to dry.

Stop by Midwest DERMaesthetics today to pick up your six-week supply of GrandeLash-MD lash serum. Or better yet, schedule a skin care consultation with Kimberly Niebur, licensed aesthetician, to discuss adding an eyelash serum to your regimen. Kimberly can share details other eye-enhancing solutions, including our new Dynamic Brow Duo to add fullness to sparse eyebrows and define brow shape.





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