Back to the Basics: Back Treatments to Put Your Skin Care Worries Behind You

Everyone loves a good facial, but have you heard the buzz about “BACIALS”?

Yep, that’s right, a bacial, otherwise known as a facial for your back. Aesthetician Kimberly Niebur uses this word to describe our top-of-the-line back treatments, including a HydraBacial treatment for the back!

Many of us neglect our back because we can’t see it and can’t reach it very well. But out of sight doesn’t mean out of the view of others. Clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts are very common on the back. They can be tricky to prevent because sweat is a key factor. And unfortunately, there are few ways to cleanse our own back.

Midwest DERMaesthetics is leading the way with “bacials” We have three back treatments designed to leave bacteria behind and keep your back looking and feeling its best!

First is our Signature HydraBacial. It works just like a HydraFacial, only for your back! Using a patented device, we deliver four different skin treatments in one session: cleansing and exfoliation; a gentle chemical peel; vacuum suction extraction; and a hydrating serum. The HydraBacial unclogs pores, detoxifies the skin’s surface, reduces inflammation, and restores healthy skin. Because it’s less invasive than traditional bacials, the HydraBacial is an especially great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Second is our “Back Treatment,” otherwise known as a traditional bacial. Whatever you call it, this treatment uses steam to open pores and allow skin care products to penetrate the skin better. You’ll receive two cleansing massages, extractions, and a masque treatment. Best of all, you can choose to use blue light therapeutic treatment for acne. The wavelength of blue light has an antimicrobial effect, killing many types of bacteria that collect in your pores and cause the skin to break out. Although bacials are a fabulous skincare option, not everyone will need blue light. Red light treatment is used for all non-therapeutic back skin treatments.

Third is our Back Extraction service. This is our express treatment for “backne” (there’s another one of those words!). Lie down and let our Licensed Aesthetician Kimberly Niebur take a medical approach to popping those unwanted pimples. It’s straight to the point – none of the extras but a good round of the basics!

Finally, Midwest DERMaesthetics offers several home care products. Consider purchasing our cleansers, such as the SkinBetter Science Oxygen Infusion Wash or Gly/Sal pads. These are easy-to-use products that will help prevent backne at home. Now we all just need a longer arm span!

You may not be able to see it, but you can trust the team at Midwest DERMaesthetics to take the best care of your skin. Book an appointment today at call us and be sure to tell us which “bacial” treatment is right for you at (402) 933-0800. 



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