6 Reasons Why You’ll Dig Dermaplaning

You can hardly scroll through social media these days without hearing about dermaplaning. But besides it being hot and all over your feed, do you really know what it is and why it’s so gosh-darn popular?

Midwest DERMaesthetics is here to help with six reasons why dermaplaning is growing in popularity among celebrities and regular people just like us:

  1. Dermaplaning does away with dead skin and vellus facial hair, also known as “peach fuzz.” The process involves a trained aesthetician gently stroking a sterile blade along the surface of the skin to “shave off” the layer that traps all the gunk on the skin’s surface.
  2. Dermaplaning makes your face smooth with a capital S – all without the risk of redness and swelling that can happen with alternative treatments like waxing your entire face. It’ completely non-invasive, effective, and – bonus – it’s fast, too.
  3. Dermaplaning is a medical-grade skin rejuvenation treatment. Because of the skill and training of the Midwest DERMaesthetics team, and the tools we have access to, there’s simply no comparison to the DIY process you could do at home.
  4. Dermaplaning paves the way for your skin to absorb the benefits of skin care products and treatments. This is a big one – imagine being able to get extra benefits from the appearance-enhancing treatments that dermatologists already use. For example, dermaplaning prior to microneedling creates a clean and clear surface and an ideal palette for anti-aging serums to penetrate deeper into your skin’s layers. And imagine the improvement to laser resurfacing treatment when dirt and dead skin cells are removed first.
  5. Dermaplaning makes it easier to remove skin care products and makeup, too. Just as it’s easier to apply substances to smoother skin, it’s also easier to remove substances from skin that’s undergone dermaplaning.
  6. Dermaplaning is super safe. There’s no downtime or recovery time. No chemicals used to exfoliate the skin. And absolutely no risk of allergic reactions.

If you want to experience what all the hype is about, call Midwest DERMaesthetics today at 402-933-0800 to schedule your treatment session.

You can enjoy Dermaplane as a stand-alone treatment or add it to many of our other relaxing customized services designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles, enhance the appearance of acne-prone skin, or simply even out skin tone.



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