Our January Special includes $25 off any HydraFacial and $100 off any HydraFacial package January 2-5 only

As the temperature drops, your chances of skin problems climb. Here in the Midwest, cold temperatures, low humidity, and high winds strip your skin of the moisture and natural oils needed to stay healthy and glowing. The winter also prompts you to take longer, hotter showers and linger around heaters, which dry out your skin even more.

Barrier renewing skin products and moisturizers that add hydration to your skin with ingredients such as hyaluronic acids are a necessary part of daily skin care.  By adding a HydraFacial treatment at Midwest Dermatology, inside our beautiful spa room that we call Midwest DERMaesthetics, you will experience the three-step power of the patented HydraFacial process to:


  • Cleanse and exfoliate. Our licensed dermatology aesthetician Kimberly will give your skin a little “power wash” and use a mild peeling process called a HydraPeel to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin.
  • Extract and infuse. HydraFacial uses a gentle vacuum to remove dead skin cells and debris from the surface and clean out your skin’s pores.  With your pores clean and open, we infuse a moisturizing agent into your skin to plump it up and smooth it out.
  • Fuse and protect. In this final step, we apply more hydrating solutions to your skin. These solutions come packed with antioxidants, protein peptides, and other natural ingredients that rebuild your skin from within and replenish moisture.  You will leave with a beautiful glow.

You can elect to add a booster to this step to address any specific problem areas. Boosters focus on restoring collagen and elastin, which rebuild your skin from the inside, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring lost volume. There are other boosters that address acne prone skin.  Or try adding an eye perk that treats dark, puffy, baggy eyes by drenching them in nourishment. Or a lip perk to add fullness and moisture to one of our biggest problem areas during the dry winter season.

All this goodness and a relaxing spa experience is the perfect start to 2024.  Lay back and enjoy the treatment or use your time to pick Kimberly’s well-informed brain about skin care and products you can use to meet your skin care goals for the new year.

The New Year, New Skin Special

 If adding HydraFacial is on your 2024 must do list, we have the perfect special for you.  Buy now – any HydraFacial or HydraFacial package – and schedule any time.

$25 off any HydraFacial

$100 off any HydraFacial Package


This special runs only during the first week of January (January 2-5).  Call or drop buy and we will help you purchase and schedule your favorite treatment.


*Specials offered at Midwest Dermatology | Midwest DERMaesthetics cannot be combined with other specials.


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