Laser It – Forget it! (Feat. Free Consults & 15% off Laser Hair Removal)

Did you know that when you shave, you’re only removing the top part of the hair follicle? Hair begins its stubborn regrowth process almost immediately.

That’s why we’re saying, “Laser it and forget it.” With laser hair removal using the Candela GentleMax Pro, the hair follicle is permanently disabled. This leads to fast and noticeable results, with each session permanently reducing 40% to 80% of hair follicles. Typically, after about seven treatments, patients see a 90% to 99% decrease in hair growth.

And now, just for summer, we’re offering 15% off laser hair removal treatments and packages for legs, bikinis, or underarms at both the Papillion and Norfolk locations.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

We’re your go-to for dermatology advice and here to help you determine if laser hair removal is right for you. Ready for a free consultation? You can schedule one online or call (402) 933-0800 to book an in-person session. Yes, your consultation is completely free! Consultations and treatments are available at Midwest Dermatology in Papillion and Norfolk.

Are You Using the Right Hair Removal Device?

We spoke with Dr. Justin Madson, one of our expert dermatologists, to clarify. “Is your device really a laser?” he asked. Not all hair removal devices are the same. There’s IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and actual lasers. Both use light for hair removal, but they work differently. IPL is like a mega flashlight with a large spot size, scattering light in various directions. Lasers, however, are more focused with smaller spot sizes and penetrate deeper to permanently zap those pesky hair follicles.

At Midwest Dermatology, we use the Candela GentleMax Pro, the crème de la crème of lasers. It combines the power of Alexandrite and YAG lasers for fast, effective hair removal. Expect noticeable results after your first treatment and up to 95% hair reduction after just eight sessions. That’s impressive!

Why Choose Midwest Dermatology?

Our laser works for almost everyone and is safe for all skin tones, including brown skin. The only exception is light-pigmented hair like blond, grey, and white. For other hair colors, the Candela GentleMax Pro can be used anywhere on your body where you want smooth, hair-free skin—think underarms, legs, bikini area, and even a full back for men.

Expert Care and Comfort

Safety is our top priority. Dr. Madson developed a special training course for our nurses to ensure top-notch care with the Candela laser. Plus, if you have other skin concerns, our team is trained to handle it all with the expertise of board-certified dermatologists. You’re in good hands!

And here’s some GREAT news! You can shave like normal before laser hair removal. Hair does not have to grow out and become unsightly to be treated. We are targeting your hair follicle deep in the skin, so we don’t need hair at the surface to get the job done.

Summer Special – Book Now!

Have more questions? We’ve got answers in your free consultation, which includes a test spot to see how your skin reacts and let you feel the laser in action. Our GentleMax Pro features dynamic cooling for a comfortable experience. Yes, you’ll feel a little zap, but it’s all part of the magic.

Summer is here, and we’re offering 15% off all underarm, leg, and bikini treatments, whether individual or in a package. We don’t inflate prices to discount them later—this deal is just for you.

Ready to Ditch the Razor?

After eight sessions with our Candela GentleMax Pro, you can:

  1. Toss your razor and shaving cream.
  2. Say goodbye to expensive waxing.
  3. Save time prepping for the pool or beach—you’ll already be hair-free!

Grab your phone or go online to book your free consultation now!

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See you soon!

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