First Impressions…Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Whenever you’re facing a new situation, like a new job or a first date, it’s human nature to want to make a great first impression. That’s because we want to use those precious seconds to put our best self forward and communicate to others that we’re strong, confident and capable.

That’s also why it can be really frustrating when acne feels like it’s distracting others from who we really are. We want people to see us, not just see our skin issues.

Fortunately, there are easy things you can do to keep your skin blemish-free, starting right this second.

  • Just relax. Stress and sleep deprivation are actually huge contributors to acne. So, try and get some rest – make eight hours of sleep your goal.
  • Two, drink up. Water is your body’s primary weapon in clearing out impurities. Add a refillable water bottle to your bag or backpack.
  • See the skin specialists at Midwest Dermatology.  A personal consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists is often a fast track to finding solutions to prevent acne and resolve active breakouts.

Depending on your skin type and genetic predisposition, keeping your skin blemish-free isn’t always easy. This isn’t helped by the countless products out there that claim to deliver relief from pimples and other acne, but too often, can simply result in dry and irritated skin, or can even make your acne worse.

One of the spot-on solutions that’s been shown to help are Gly Sal Pads. These wipe-and-go pads contain medical grade levels of glycolic and salicylic acid that are proven to help unclog pores and gently exfoliate skin. Midwest Dermatology recommends using one Gly Sal pad a day to begin with, but as your skin adjusts you can swipe your skin twice or even up to three times per day. Because they’re conveniently packaged in jars of 60, you can even take them with you for touch-ups throughout your day!

Gly Sal Pads are one of the “must haves” that we recommend you have on hand for treating acne and stopping breakouts in their tracks. They’re available at all Midwest Dermatology locations and also in our online shop at

Call today and make an appointment for a consultation with one of our dermatology experts, or try Gly Sal Pads on your own. Either way, you’ll be on track to put your best face forward!

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