Don’t Let Age Spots Show Your Age

As skin starts to age, even perfect complexions show signs of wear. Brown spots that result from long-term sun exposure (age spots / sun spots) over the years; photo-aging with overall darkening and thickening of the skin; and solar elastosis, another sun-related condition that leads to yellowing are all the mark time leaves on your face and hands and other areas exposed to the environment over the years.

If you’re middle-aged (starting in our 30s) or older, you may have started to notice these types of changes in your skin. The good news is that the skin care experts at Midwest Dermatology can “turn back the hands of time” to address sun and age-related discoloration with:
• Laser treatments that target the pigment in brown spots and breaks up the darker pigment without damaging the overlying skin.

• Pigment-balancing peels that target hyperpigmentation in sun-damaged skin with a mottled appearance. The peel contents brighten the complexion while also reducing redness and inflammation. Best of all these peels can be handled in our Midwest DERMaesthetics day spa at our Lakeside location.

• Topical skin care products, including our newest favorite, Even Tone Correcting Serum by SkinBetter Science. Even Tone Serum packs quite the 1-2-3 punch:

• 1) The patented formula improves the appearance of brown patches, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and discoloration,
• 2) Its ingredients brighten the improve the “yellowing” that often accompanies hyperpigmentation in certain skin types, and
• 3) Even Tone Serum works for everyone! Because it’s hydroquinone-free and retinol-free, it can be used during pregnancy and while breast-feeding.
• Order it online or schedule some time with the licensed aesthetician at our Lakeside office for a customized skin care regimen aimed at reducing discoloration.

To learn more about laser treatment, book an appointment with your Midwest Dermatology physician by calling (402) 933-0800. For pigment-balancing peels and skin care consultation, set up your appointment with our licensed dermatology aesthetician by calling (402) 933-0800. Or book an appointment on line at

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