After Your Laser Procedure… One Great Treatment Deserves Another!

The only thing better than seeing fractional laser treatment dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin is complementing it with another service that further enhances your outcome.

For example, patients interested in FX and Fraxel laser to improve fine lines and wrinkles, tone and texture can also take advantage of our spa services that include pampering HydraFacials, effective peels and customized facials.  Each service pairs well with our lasers to give an overall boost to your results.

Home care products are also a key ingredient in the success of your laser treatment.  Finding the perfect combination for cleansing, moisturizing and, perhaps most importantly, protecting your revitalized skin will extend your benefits and keep that beautiful, natural and more youthful glow going for years!

So what’s the easiest way for you to get all the benefits of combined procedures?  Simply schedule a personal consultation with our Dermatology aesthetician.  Call (402) 933-0800 to schedule today.

Because great skin deserves a little something extra!

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