A Dozen Things You Should Know About Me – Meet Kimberly Niebur, Licensed Aesthetician

  1. Some people don’t know what’s involved in being a licensed aesthetician. To attain my licensure, I completed an esthetics program and passed a state exam. But, most importantly, to me, it’s about helping others achieve their skin care goals.


  1. My go-to product for healthy skin is, without a doubt, sunscreen. No routine or treatment is complete without it.


  1. I don’t operate in a silo. As an aesthetician associated with a dermatology practice, I work with the Midwest Dermatology dermatologists. In fact, a lot of our treatments complement each other!


  1. Ingredients matter in the food you eat and in the products you feed your skin with. I encourage all of my patients to read labels and know what is in the products you use on your skin.


  1. Home care is more important than most people think. Medical spa treatments make a world of difference, but about 70% of results are linked to what you do at home after the treatment.


  1. Masks are sort of my thing. I apply them to patients in my professional life and I also like to experiment with them at home. My dog sees me wearing a lot of them!


  1. My daily skin care routine is pretty simple – cleanse, tone, apply an antioxidant serum containing Vitamin C, and moisturize. And, of course, I top it off with a good facial sunscreen!


  1. My motto: You can love your friends, but don’t get too caught up in their skin care routine. Instead, take the time to figure out what products work for your unique skin type and what routine works for your lifestyle.


  1. It might sound strange to wear sunscreen in the winter, but your skin needs to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays year-round. I suggest looking for a combination moisturizer-sunscreen like Elta MD UV Elements 100% physical sunscreen with hyaluronic acid to protect and hydrate.


  1. I love being a part of the derm world, and that includes social media. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me @thedermaesti!


  1. Consultations sound sort of mysterious, but I find them to be a great place to start when meeting my clients. The questions asked can help you make smart choices about cosmetic skin services and products.


  1. There are many qualified skin spas, but not all spa services are created equal. The difference is truly in the products. Only medical aesthetic spas like Midwest DERMaesthetics are able to offer medical-grade skin care products.


Meet with Kimberly for a medical aesthetic consultation at Midwest DERMaesthetic. Call 402-933-0800 today to book your consultation or medical spa service.




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