Peel The Difference : Our New Menu Is Brimming With Exciting New Peels!

Midwest DERMaesthetics, a unique med spa focusing on corrective skin treatment, has a new menu and we are “peeling” pretty good!  Pardon the pun but since we’ve added five new peels, we just can’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

On a more serious note, peels help turn back the clock on aging skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, discolored areas and other signs of aging.  They also work for cases of mild acne and some acne scars.   Our comprehensive menu of peels ranges from lighter exfoliating peels to deeper peels that penetrate all the way through the epidermis (but not into the dermis) for more dramatic results when it comes to aging.

Our licensed aesthetician, Kimberly Niebur, is a pro at peels and goes the extra mile to keep you comfy during a spicy session.   Some of the new peel services she has brought on board include:

Glycolic Peel – It’s the gold standard of peels.  We opt for a light 20% peel, evening skin tone and smoothing fine lines to add glow and luster to your skin.   Glycolic peels are used in dermatology practices for:

  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Mild signs of aging
  • Light hyperpigmentation (discoloration)
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores

Acne Peel – It’s all in the name.  This peel is the perfect corrective treatment for patients with mild to moderate acne.  Patients may consider adding the acne peel, which combines salicylic acid with mandelic acid, with prescription medications from their Midwest Dermatology physician, or just try them alone for milder cases of acne.

Sensitive Skin Peel – Balanced ingredients for skin on the sensitive side. If you have avoided a peel treatment because your skin overreacts a bit, just talk with Kimberly about the possibility of a sensitive skin peel that combines mild glycolic, lactic and phytic acids  with calming niacinamide.

Advanced Corrective Peel – SkinCeutical’s age defying peel combining salicylic and lactic acid with phenylethyl resorcinol, is another great option for tone, pigment correction and anti-aging.  Advanced Corrective Peel is strong enough for difficult to treat melasma, penetrating deep into the epidermis.  Down time can range from 5-7 days and this peel requires a high vigilance of protection from the sun.

TCA Peel – This one is the deepest peel offered by Midwest DERMaesthetics and is as deep as you can go without seeing your Midwest Dermatology physician.  This one will cause peeling for patients looking for significant improvement to wrinkles, brown spots and melasma, and it causes exfoliation and peeling while removing damaged skin cells.  Redness and peeling continue for five to seven days after treatment.

Other peels on the menu have been some of our office staples and include:

Illuminize Peel – We like to call this our Red-Carpet Peel.  This gentle combination of acids also includes Quillaja Saponaria bark to prevent loss of moisture and keep skin hydrated.

Vitalize Peel – One of the most popular peels on the market, Vitalize Peel really does the trick!  You’ll see advanced exfoliation and correction in a peel known for targeting wrinkles and brightening the skin.

 Rejuvenize Peel – A powerhouse of a peel penetrating deep into the epidermis causing dramatic improvement for wrinkles, melasma, sun damage, acne scarring and other skin imperfections.  Patients choosing Rejuvenize Peel should know that the down time is 5-7 days and that skin will peel.

Pigment Balancing Peel – A glowing result for patients with skin discoloration or mottled skin.  Ingredients include glycolic acid, citric acid, Vitamin C, and emblica, a fruit derivative with strong antioxidant properties to reduce wrinkles and suppress pigmentation.  Expect shedding of the top layer of skin over a 3-5 day period.

Patients looking for optimal results might consider adding on a DERMAPLANE TREATMENT when scheduling their next peel.  By gently removing vellus hair and dead skin cells prior to treatment, peels penetrate more deeply.  And like all of our add-on treatments, Dermaplane is discounted when coupled with your next peel.

Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific problem or just want overall exfoliation for a dull complexion, we’ve got the solution for you.  Peels yield the best results when done in a series of three to six peels over a period of time, requiring some commitment on your part.  Fall is the ideal time to start because time runs out in the late winter and spring due to concerns about sun exposure.

To schedule your peel, or any of our fabulous menu services, call the same number you know for medically sound dermatology care.  Call Midwest Dermatology at (402) 933-0800 today to schedule your Midwest DERMaesthetics treatment or skin care consult.  Or book an appointment online at

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Midwest DERMaesthetics now has TWO locations inside Midwest Dermatology in Omaha:

Midwest DERMaesthetics Lakeside

Lakeside Hills Professional Plaza, Suite 101

2323 South 171st Street


Midwest DERMaesthetics Dodge

8601 West Dodge Road, Suite 240


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