Take Your Pick From 5 Peak-Season Peels

How good does a pigment-balancing peel sound?  If the answer is very, you’re well on your way to understanding the natural appeal of cosmetic peels for your skin.

Here at Midwest DERMaesthetics, we know that fall and winter when you tend to stay out of the sun are peak peel season. Whether you want to freshen up for the company holiday shindig or exfoliate for your event calendar happenings, we can help.

Set up an appointment today to discuss your skin type, your lifestyle and we’ll help you discover which of these five peels fits you best. They’re all perfect in their own way because they target distinct skin concerns.

  1. NEW Pigment-Balancing Peel lightens the skin’s pigment overall and, for those with realistic expectations, can improve the appearance of brown spots and uneven pigmentation. The pigment-balancing process takes time and you have to use sunscreen for this peel to have the desired effect.
  2. Glycolic Peel (formerly known as the Clear Skin Peel), our gentlest peel option, targets acne-causing bacteria and dark marks that discolor acne-prone skin. Derived from fruit acids, glycolic peels boast the smallest molecular size but penetrate the deepest. This makes them a great way to exfoliate and rejuvenate aging skin.
  3. Illuminize Peel is a light peel designed to give skin an overall look of brightness and radiance, as well as a more even-looking appearance. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and peel “first-timers” or anyone wanting to up their skin’s appeal before a special red carpet event.
  4.  Vitalize Peel is our most popular peel option because it does so much! Dramatic improvements in skin’s texture and tone? Check. Stimulated collagen? Check. Help for pigmentation issues like melasma? Check. A series of three to six Vitalize peels is recommended and will result in healthier- and younger-looking skin with minimal downtime.
  5.  Rejuvenize Peel from Skin Medica totally resurfaces your epidermis and in the process helps resolve fine lines, wrinkles and rough areas on the skin. One peel session produces visible effects, but three to six Rejuvenize peels are best to achieve ideal results.

 The good news continues because with every peel at Midwest DERMaesthetics, your experienced aesthetician will apply a cooling mask and finishing products so you leave your appointment positively glowing.

Don’t wait to pick the peel that’s right for you. Call 402-933-0800 today to schedule yours today.


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