Skintastic Activities For The Weekend!

If you’re close to going stay-at-home crazy or need a new homeschooling activity, we have some fun skin-related ideas for you and the fam to try!

Teach your kiddos about their skin. Check out Good Skin Knowledge from the American Academy of Dermatology. It’s an awesome online learning camp designed to teach young people (ages 8-13) about conditions of the skin, hair and nails.

Not only does Good Skin Knowledge fit neatly into the “science” category, it can also help children gain understanding and compassion about why and how some skin diseases make people look different. We guarantee this is one activity that’s bound to make the world a better place.

Develop good sunscreen habits. Younger children sometimes need a little fun and inspiration to learn good sunscreen habits. Fortunately, the Muppets are here to help in this delightful Sesame Street YouTube video that gets this important health message across.

Mix up some hand sanitizer. It may be tricky finding the ingredients, but there are only a few.  You’ll need two parts rubbing alcohol, one part aloe gel and a little dab of essential oil so it smells good. Plus, you can have family fun decorating bottles or containers.

Host a Spa Night home party! Order a few dermatologist-approved products from our online store and treat yourself to a night in. Try mixing a small dollop of our foaming facial cleanser with a little water, wait a few seconds and then watch it live up to its name! You can do this activity with or without the kids – whoever participates will end up with clean and soft skin.

Remember, Midwest Dermatology is here to help. Call us at 402-933-0800 if you have questions about any condition or symptom you’re seeing in your skin, hair or nails.

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