Seven Reasons Our Dermatologists Recommend Facials

Facials are not just a luxury item, but an essential element of skin care. That’s why the dermatologists at Midwest Dermatology want you to consider adding a facial to your skin care regimen.  Our Licensed Aesthetician, Kimberly Niebur, will work to target any skin concerns and provide you with a relaxing and effective treatment that’s worth your time and money.

You know that facials feel good, but they have other benefits, as well. Here are seven reasons why our Midwest Dermatology board-certified dermatologists recommend that you make them part of your overall healthcare and skin care plan.

  • Includes a complimentary skin analysis. Kimberly dives deep into skin type, lifestyle, and current skin care regimen to design the perfect combination of products for your skin. Not only will she use these products during your facial, but she’ll provide you with information for using these products at home.
  • Facials deeply cleanse Cleansing sounds nice, but how about a double cleanse? At Midwest DERMaesthetics, our facials include not one but two deep cleanses using products designed to loosen surface dirt and grime and rid the debris from your clogged pores.
  •  Facials increase blood circulation. Studies show that massage increases blood circulation to the face.  Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, meaning that your face will be left healthy and glowing after your facial. And in all honesty, the massage is our favorite part of the facial experience!
  •  Facials target acne.  As a specially trained dermatology aesthetician, Kimberly can design custom facials to calm skin, fight acne breakouts, and even out skin tone. You can count on her to design a facial that complements the medical care you are receiving from your dermatologist vs. conflicting with it. All Midwest DERMaesthetics custom facials for patients with acne prone skin include extractions and are conducted using acne-safe products that are oil free, non-comedogenic and designed to be gentle and non-irritating.
  • Facials extract grime. Facials are not just massages, they also help purify the skin. To extract all of the grime from your face, we start with a good steam treatment. Then whiteheads and blackheads can be safely extracted without harming your skin. Our Deluxe Custom Facial even includes blue light – a proven acne fighting treatment that has an anti-microbial effect, helping kill several types of bacteria that collect in pores and oil glands for patients who need it.
  •  Facials have anti-aging The key here is regular facials and dedication to home care. With this two-pronged approach, you will boost cell regeneration and promote the development of collagen – the fiber-like substance in skin that connects tissue, keeping it strong and tight, and prevents sagging and wrinkles. During facial treatments, Kimberly applies anti-aging serums that contribute to facials’ anti-aging benefits.
  •  Facials reduce stress and anxiety. There is no denying that reducing stress benefits your overall health. Facials stimulate your sympathetic nervous system, reduce your anxiety levels and uplift your mood!

So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a facial today using our convenient on line booking or by calling (402) 933-0800. You can do so with confidence knowing that our aesthetician works with our dermatologists to help you achieve healthy skin which is “the best skin.”


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