Saying Goodbye To Our Doctors Building Location

The Midwest Dermatology Office at 4242 Farnam St. will be closed permanently on 9/8/2023

After caring for our wonderful patients for more than 40 years at The Doctors Building in Midtown Omaha, Midwest Dermatology is moving to a lovely new location in the heart of the city at 8601 West Dodge Road.

Our history in The Doctors Building is long, and near and dear to us. We started in a tiny suite in The South Tower in 1976 and moved to the newly built North Tower in 1980.

It was at this location that so much of our pioneering work took place. Peering into the past, we learn that in the South and North towers, our physicians were the first in Omaha to provide Mohs surgery, a procedure that, to this day, is the most highly effective surgery for complete removal of most skin cancers. The Doctors Building location was also where Midwest Dermatology pioneered the use of laser technology that was revolutionary for the time — like the dye laser for vascular birthmarks and lasers for resurfacing aging skin and removing unwanted tattoos.

Never fear, however, because Midwest Dermatology’s innovative spirit continues today with more firsts. Recently, we became the first in Omaha to offer long-lasting Daxxify, a new and exciting neuromodulator to relax wrinkles between the eyes. We continue to offer next-generation procedures, including the newest, state-of-the-art laser treatments, and the most-effective products and medications for treating a variety of skin conditions.

Check Your Appointment & Confirm Your Location

If you made an appointment after 9/18/2023, we’ll see you at the new office at 8601 West Dodge Road.

This modern, convenient location with great parking offers all the same services from the Midwest Dermatology board-certified physicians you have come to know and love. Please contact us at (402) 933-0800 to confirm or reschedule this appointment.

To make an appointment at the new 8601 West Dodge Road location, or any of our other locations at Oakview, Lakeside, Bellevue, Papillion, or Norfolk, just call the same number you have in your contacts.

Midwest Dermatology can be reached at (402) 933-0800 and in Norfolk at (402) 371-3564. The new West Dodge location will be available in online scheduling soon, just visit for instructions on how to book your next visit.



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