OPENING SOON! All Eyes Are On Midwest Dermatology’s NEW OFFICE In The Heart Of Omaha

You can see it when you drive by.  Our new office location for Midwest Dermatology and Midwest DERMaesthetics is under construction at 8601 Dodge Street, the real “mid-town” of Omaha. COMING IN THE FALL of 2023, you can soon schedule services here with our Midwest Dermatology physicians like:


  • GENERAL DERMATOLOGY – Advanced treatments for the most common skin conditions including the new class of biologic drugs for psoriasis sufferers and patients grappling with eczema, rosacea, acne and much more.
  • SKIN CANCER TREATMENT – Complete and comprehensive skin cancer diagnosis and treatment including Mohs Microscopic Skin Cancer Surgery, the treatment that offers the highest cure rate while at the same time allowing surgeons to preserve as much healthy skin as possible.
  • COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY – Advanced cosmetic dermatology solutions, from Botox to fractional lasers, to new Daxxify and industry leading RHA filler, Midwest Dermatology has a full line up to help you look and feel your personal best.
  • LASER SURGERY – Innovative laser technologies designed to remove birthmarks and tattoos, or enhance the skin’s appearance by erasing wrinkles and smoothing its surface.

And you can schedule med spa treatments and skin care consultations at Midwest DERMaesthetics with our licensed medical aesthetician including:


  • HYDRAFACIAL – a relaxing facial treatment in our beautiful spa suite designed to give you the best skin of your life!  HydraFacial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that clears out your pores, while bathing your skin in hydration.
  • CUSTOM FACIALS – While facials can definitely be viewed as a luxury, they are also an essential component of your overall skin care regimen. Midwest DERMaesthetics offers several types of facials that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.
  • MICRONEEDLING – collagen induction therapy that uses your skin’s own natural healing process to develop new collagen. Microneedling has all sorts of benefits to reverse the signs of aging including smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin, evening skin tone and reducing pore size.
  • DERMAPLANE – do away with dead skin cells and vellus facial hair (you know it as “peach fuzz”), a relaxing Dermaplane treatment uses a medical grade sterile blade to gently remove all that lies on the skins surface.
  • PEELS – exfoliation is the name of the game in youthful skin and peels are the #1 way to shed some skin cells.

If you are excited to see Midwest Dermatology | Midwest DERMaesthetics pop up in this beautiful new location, be sure to keep up with our progress by continuing to subscribe to our Midwest Dermatology newsletter, DERM UPDATE.  Then just watch your inbox for news about our Grand Opening in fall of 2023.  Or follow us on social media – we have both Facebook and Instagram pages filled with news about our practice.  Just give us a follow and watch your feed for day-to-day content and important announcements.

And if you need top notch dermatology care now, be sure to contact us at 402.933.0800 for an appointment at one of our six office locations.


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