Midwest Dermatology is excited to announce the introduction of Klara, the fastest growing healthcare communication platform in the US. Klara is a way for patients to easily get in touch with the Midwest Dermatology team by accessing a secure, HIPAA-compliant website or mobile app. Using Klara is as easy as sending a traditional text message!

Not sure how to find Klara?  It’s simple!  Start by opening our website.  Klara is hanging out in the lower right corner of every page.  Just look for the color purple in the bottom right corner, where you will find our new friend Klara asking if you want to MESSAGE US.

With Klara you can:


  • Schedule an appointment
  • Ask follow up questions
  • Ask about prescriptions and post-treatment instructions
  • Ask about insurance and benefits
  • Let us know if you’re running late
  • Receive reminders from Klara via text and email (yes – Klara in your inbox is safe to open!)
  • Leave us a review about your appointment experience
  • Inquire about any services available at Midwest Dermatology or Midwest DERMaesthetics

All via text!  It’s as easy as asking a friend.

We want to make sure our patients have a great experience, not only while visiting our clinics, but outside of our clinics too. We are excited to give our patients the ability to communicate with us in an easy way that works best for them.

Scheduling Made Easier

As our lives have become much busier, picking up the phone and calling a doctor’s office to schedule an appointment between the hours of 8:00-4:00 seems like a chore.  And why should it be?   Midwest Dermatology has always been on the forefront of online scheduling, and with Klara, we’ve made it even easier!  Simply start by opening the purple MESSAGE US table found in the bottom right corner at and follow the prompts

You can connect with Klara to schedule an online appointment using our BOOK AN APPOINTMENT tab too! Also on our website, this tab is at the top of every page.  Whether you start there or start with Klara’s purple MESSAGE button, the process is quick, clean and easy to use.  Try it!  And with the extra time you save, be sure to check out all the great dermatology content on our website, including our blog page.

Talk To Us

Using Klara, you can easily have a conversation with a member of our team.  Simply click on the bright purple MESSAGE US tab at the bottom of any page on our website.  Choose SEND US A MESSAGE and follow a few prompts to allow our staff to respond via text.  Then you are on your way.  This is such an easy way to ask a nurse questions about a prescription or to clarify information given at your most recent office visit.  Or to request information or records transfer.  We think of it as talking to a friend.  There is no easier, HIPAA compliant platform out there.


Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of our commitments to keep us on track with a busy daily schedule.  Our system, powered by Klara, knows that and sends you a few messages, starting a week ahead, to remind you of appointments with our physicians and aesthetician.  Depending on the information you gave us when you registered, Klara may text you or may email you.  So if you see an email from Klara, it’s just your old familiar friend Midwest Dermatology and completely safe to open and reply.  Once you confirm your appointment, we know you remember us, and we will stop reaching out.

Tell Us What You Think

Your feedback is one of the most important conversations we can have, and we use all of our survey comments to make improvements to the service we provide.  So please, when you receive an inquiry from Klara about your experience, let us know if you are pleased or if you were unsatisfied with your visit.  And don’t hesitate to hop on over to Google with a review.  We encourage your honest assessment and hope that we provide services that will have you crowing about your visit.

You can schedule your next appointment with one of our four board certified physicians or our Midwest DERMaesthetics licensed aesthetician on our website at or just ask Klara for help!  If phones are more your style, give us a call at (402) 933-0800.  We are standing by to connect with you however you like!






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