Great Skin is a Family Affair!

When it comes to taking care of your family’s skin (and your skin too!), Midwest Dermatology encourages you to make it a true family affair.

Our entire team, especially our experienced dermatologists and dermatology aesthetician are committed to providing “medically sound” dermatology, which means we’re committed to skin health and well-being from the moment you and every member of your family is born, well into your mature years.

If your toddler is itching incessantly, your teenager is trying to tackle acne, or your husband has a mole that looks suspicious, Midwest Dermatology can help with a quick and accurate diagnosis.  Our team can then turn to an array of effective treatment options that range from prescription eczema and acne skin care regimens to biologic treatment for psoriasis and the newest advancement for rosacea, As time continues and you start to see “wisdom” spots pop up, we are here to help with an eagle eye for diagnosis and treatment options including  Mohs surgery, the gold standard for skin cancer treatment, and much more.

In addition to ensuring your skin’s house, Midwest Dermatology can keep your skin and exterior looking rejuvenated at every age.  Procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, microneedling and Vivace, Botox and injectable fillers, gentle skin peels, tattoo removal and CoolSculpting are easy to schedule, no fuss-no muss to undergo, and offered in convenient office locations close to where you live and work.

Bottom line, as your family and their skin needs change and grow over the years, isn’t it reassuring to know that you’ve got a family dermatology practice ready to care for all of you?

Oh, Baby!

Midwest Dermatology isn’t just for adults – we take care of newborns’ and infants’ skin concerns, too.  If the little one you love has a rash, eczema, a birthmark or another issue affecting their brand new skin, know that you can count on our skin specialists for medically sound diagnosis and treatment.

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