Don’t Simply REGRET Melanoma

PREVENT IT!  When it comes to melanoma, hindsight is really 20-20. Unfortunately, it is not always simple to see how individual risk factors, overexposure to dangerous UV radiation, and other warning signs can combine over the course of years and decades and lead to a melanoma diagnosis.

Midwest Dermatology has appointments available for full body skin checks or to examine any growths that are cause for concern.  Call (402) 933-0800 to learn more.

Melanoma Can Hit Home

Before you put the risk of melanoma into the “it will never happen to me” category, consider the research.  One study, released by the Mayo Clinic, shows melanoma hitting hard in women under 40, with cases increasing eight fold in women 18-39; yes, that said 18!  Younger people get melanoma, too.  In this same study, melanoma increased four fold in men in the same 40-year span.

The gap between men and women, researchers say, may be related to behavior.  According to the study’s authors, young women are more likely than men to participate in activities that increase the risk for melanoma.

Doctors agree that one way to prevent melanoma is to avoid unprotected exposure to natural sunlight, and to voluntary exposure to artificial UV light – that means tanning beds to put it in simple English.  This is especially important for those who are fair-skinned, who have a family history of melanoma, and anyone who experienced severe sunburn in their lifetime.

Diagnosis and Where We Go From There

Melanoma is not a “one size fits” all diagnosis.   Midwest Dermatology physicians will skillfully examine your skin for any suspicious moles or growths.   When caught early, melanoma is treated with a wide excision with pathology to ensure the margins are clear.  Because melanoma spreads in a wide and uneven pattern, we often need to go much wider and deeper than what you see at the surface to ensure melanoma cells do not migrate to your lymphatic system where they spread to other organs.  Treatment of melanoma in the early stages is key to avoiding the need for oncology cancer treatment.

Lessons Learned

We hope that you have learned your lesson right now.  Instead of regrets after the fact, remember and share these essential lessons we have learned about melanoma.

Melanoma is a serious disease
that can strike younger, as well as older adults. 

 Schedule your annual full body melanoma exam today.  Call our office at (402) 933-0800.  We’ve added extra appointments for JUST THIS REASON.  We are serious about saving lives.  And the education does not stop here.  We want you to know how to:

Watch For Warning Signs

Midwest Dermatology encourages everyone to recognize and stay vigilant for the warning signs of melanoma.  Because, even though melanoma occurs less frequently than other skin cancers, it is far more serious.  Here’s how you can spot melanoma:

LOOK for new moles or lesions or a mole that CHANGES suddenly. If a mole changes shape, size, color, or texture, have your Midwest Dermatology physician take a look.

USE the ABCDE method to identify moles you should discuss with one of our specialty doctors who have advanced training in recognizing and treating melanoma:

Asymmetry (melanoma lesions are often irregular in shape)

Border irregularity (melanoma lesions often have ragged, uneven borders)

Color (melanoma lesions contain various shades of brown and black, and sometimes even red or blue. In contrast, regular moles are likely an even shade of brown).

Diameter (melanoma lesions tend to be larger than other moles, meaning the size of a pencil eraser or larger)

Evolving (another way of saying moles that change in any way should be examined by your Midwest Dermatology physician right away)

Remember,  when detected early, melanoma can be cured.  Left untreated, melanoma can spread throughout the body and attack the vital organs.

We have appointments for your skin check.  Whether you have a concerning mole or need a full body skin check (it’s super hard to see behind you!), simply call (402) 933-0800 or search for the best time and location close to you by using our online scheduling at




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