From Acne to Aesthetician: Jami’s Path to Dermatology-Driven Skincare

When asked about her inspiration to become an aesthetician, there is no hesitation with licensed aesthetician Jami Wilmeth. “All throughout my life, I have struggled with acne. Cystic acne left me with scarring that I thought was irreversible. Medical aesthetics gave me hope that there are treatments to improve the skin’s health, leading to improved results.” Because of her struggles, Jami has learned to listen and relate to her patients. “I have empathy for clients who are affected by any skin condition that may have a negative effect on their self-confidence,” says Jami. “I found purpose in aesthetics to offer treatments that are custom to their skin needs with lasting results that leave clients feeling good about themselves overall!”

We are thrilled to welcome Jami to the team at Midwest DERMaesthetics. With her education from Capitol School and over six years of experience as an aesthetician including stops in the medical environment, Jami brings a wealth of expertise to our practice. “I completed an extensive 600-hour training program. The areas I found most fascinating were ingredient and product knowledge, and the relaxing facial protocol.” If you’re looking for a dermatology-based aesthetician, Jami’s qualifications speak for themselves.

Jami’s dedication to her profession is evident in her commitment to continuous learning. “I love working in dermatology because it allows me to undergo advanced training in clinical treatments for patients with complex skin concerns. The support from a team of dermatologists is a significant advantage!” Jami has also received additional training at Midwest DERMaesthetics in all medical-grade products used in services and available for retail purchase, including SkinBetter Science, SkinCeuticals, and Elta MD. She recently had the opportunity to meet with a regional trainer from HydraFacial to update her knowledge. From peels to dermaplane facials and specialized services like SkinPen microneedling, Jami is well-prepared to provide you with a relaxing skin treatment in her med spa suite.

More thoughts from Jami concerning her DERMaesthetics practice:

On what it takes to achieve radiant skin: “It starts with a consistent daily and nightly skincare routine using products for your specific needs and concerns, along with monthly services supporting your long-term improvement goals.”

On her go-to product for healthy skin: “Alto Advanced Defense Serum by SkinBetter Science. It’s a daily serum with 17+ antioxidants (including vitamins C and E)! Alto Advanced protects your skin from environmental and internal stressors, giving it a brighter and more rejuvenated appearance.” We love an aesthetician who is an ingredient enthusiast!

Important advice concerning skincare: “Protect your skin daily with SPF! Ultraviolet light ages us. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin—even through the clouds—breaking down collagen and elastin. UVB causes sunburn and skin pigmentation. Both can lead to skin cancer. Slow the aging process with a good SPF product—we’re talking 30+—and improve texture and overall appearance over time. And if you wear makeup, consider replacing your foundation with a tinted SPF!”

Outside of the med spa room: “I am a Yogi and an advocate for self-care wellness! I am either in the yoga studio or doing some activity that supports wellness, like cycling, buying flowers to make bouquets, listening to live music outdoors, and spending quality time with my loved ones.”

Jami Wilmeth, a licensed aesthetician with Midwest DERMaesthetics, is now taking appointments at the Dodge Street location at 8601 West Dodge Road. Call to schedule—or schedule online—or talk to your nurse or physician at Midwest Dermatology to see how adding aesthetic services can help you uncover your best skin.

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