Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, skin rejuvenation takes your body’s own cells and delivers a boost back to specific areas that need to heal and grow new cells.

Infused back into your body, PRP takes hold – actually regenerating skin tissue – and turns back the clock on everything from hair loss to acne scarring to wrinkles.

PRP is safe and natural because it comes from your own body.  All that’s required to start is a simple blood draw.  The small amount of blood is separated into its component parts – red and white blood cells, and the remaining serum containing plasma and platelets resulting in a natural, super stem cell rich substance known as PRP.


When delivered directly into the skin, PRP is the key to rejuvenation. PRP can be used:

Whether applied during the microneedling process or injected directly into areas of hair loss, PRP goes to work, releasing proteins that spur new cell growth and cause new collagen to develop.

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